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Get Her Hooked Review

Most people think that dating is just a waste of time as there are no ways to end up with a beautiful woman. The truth is that there are tons of beautiful girls who are always looking for men to go with. When it comes to approaching these women most guys take a shot in the dark or use cliched lines and gets rejected in the process. This is because most guys have no clue what women look for. If you’ve ever felt the pain of a woman losing interest in you and fading from your life, then Tripp Kramer’s Get Her Hooked eBook is the only training program in the world that fixes the root cause of what’s making women not feel attracted to you rather than spending years doing stupid things that aren’t in line with your personality. The techniques and strategies this program teach you are designed to make you magnetically attractive to women so much so that they will become emotionally and sexually hooked on you.

What is the Get Her Hooked?

Get Her Hooked is a female attraction course that shows you how to inject proven flavor formulas into your personality so that you become irresistible to women. It teaches you exactly how to speak to women in a way that triggers sexual attraction and makes them desire you. It also helps to trigger the reptilian side of her brain that makes her emotionally and physically attached to you.

How Does Get Her Hooked Works?

  • It is a complete guide which starts from how to speak with women to how to get her to your bed on the first date and everything in between.
  • The first thing to remember is that the personality you express to women is already made up of individual ingredients that made up its overall flavor.
  • The second thing is that you can add and subtract different ingredients depending on what kind of relationship you want to attract.
  • It teaches you how to assemble personality flavors into different formulas depending on what kind of results you want.
  • It contains 3 “magic words” that you can say at the beginning of a sentence that opens her up and makes her want to hear what comes next.
  • It provides five things you should never talk about in the first few stages of any conversation because they almost instantly turn women off.
  • It also contains six crucial things that you need to know before you go on a first date, so you have the best possible chance of her liking you and wanting to see you again.


What Will You Learn From Get Her Hooked?

  • You will discover “The Crumble Effect” that make women wish they could spend more time with you.
  • You will see “Ninja Number Close” that dramatically increase your chances of getting a girl’s phone number.
  • You will learn how to maximize the natural personality you already have, and just fill in the missing flavors.
  • You will discover David’s “Sexual Confidence Amplifier” that magnifies your confidence before you even walk to her.
  • You will teach her most important body language signals you need to focus on first before making any approach.
  • You will discover The “Enthusiasm Intensifier” that makes women more excited about spending time with you.
  • You will discover “Caveman Trigger” that make a woman feel so attracted to you.
  • You will see The “Attraction Detection Radar” actually that tells you if a woman likes you or if she’s starting to lose interest.
  • You will see “Small Talk Bypasses” that permanently prevent annoying, awkward, and boring conversations.
  • You will learn “Boyfriend Detection System” that helps to find out what her relationship situation and if she’s available to date you.
  • You will discover “Four Step attraction Amplifier” that dramatically increases your physical attractiveness.
  • You will learn the “Same Night Sex Switch” that makes a woman feel perfectly cool with going home with you the same night you meet her and jumping into bed together.


  • 21 Rejection Proof Openers
  • Conversations That Get You Dates
  • Invisible Attraction – Body Language Secrets That Trigger Immediate Sexual Desire
  • The Date Machine



  • This program is designed to reduce or eliminate the chance of an embarrassing rejection.
  • It gives a roadmap to start feeling raw confidence in yourself, so you have more option with women.
  • It also gives you the exact outline of what to say and do to make the whole thing go smoothly.
  • It shows you exact flavor formula that makes her crave a sexual relationship with you.
  • It contains a list of real personality ingredients you probably have a similar feel to them.
  • It provides few straightforward and easy tweaks to the way you’re presenting yourself socially.
  • This system will transform the love lives of the lucky men who get to try it out.
  • You will get four bonuses that help make sure you get the success with women you want.


  • This program is offered in a digital format which means that it cannot be found in any bookstore.
  • It is not a miracle program, and therefore you some level of commitment to get desirable results.


Dating is not as simple as it sounds, especially in today’s digital age. So many guys lack the knowledge and advice needed to win a potential girlfriend or partner. Get Her Hooked is an attraction system that gives you the secrets to transforming your life for the better. With this guide, you will learn useful information to help you succeed in your friendships and about romantic relationships. This program is going to shave years off your learning curve and get you results with women faster than you ever dreamed possible. It all starts with having a magnetic personality that women can’t get enough of, and that’s what Tripp Kramer’s Get Her Hooked program will show you how to develop in yourself and begin your journey to becoming that guy every woman dreams of having.

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