Takedown University Review

Product Name: Takedown University

Author Name: Ken Primola and Matt D’Aquino

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Takedown University Review

Most of the people thinking that are learning some defensive techniques, martial arts, karate, Kung Fu are a waste of time, this is not essential and why we want to learn this in our busy life? Of course, it is not waste, because it is more important to know the techniques whether you are men or women, boy or girl, young or old to protect yourself or your dependents from any worst scenario. Here Ken Primola and Matt D’Aquino were trying to help people by using this program Takedown University. It is just like a game to get physical fitness as well as some of the useful techniques, tactics to develop your takedown skill without losing an individual level.

What is the Takedown University?

Takedown University is an extraordinary program to teach you about the takedown stand up the game to mold your mind and body to get fit forever. All of the videos you can be takedown to help you shoot hundreds of videos, including counters, combinations, settings, moves, strategy videos, and tactics, techniques to drive more takedowns in training as well as for competition. Even with personal coaching, elite-level athletes can gain an edge over the game. This will help to enhance your takedown basics and drive more takedowns. You can easily see and teach these takedowns in the order that will help students quickly understand the takedown to follow it rapidly. It offers more active modules and bonuses to learn many things and achieve the best result.

How Does Takedown University Works?

  • Module #1: Foundations of takedowns: It covers the foundational concepts to help you create a solid undeclared game. It includes things like footwork, posture, and movement, so it does not leave any holes to the opponent.
  • Module #2: Stealth Setups: The most important part of stealth configuration is that you understand your opponent’s movements much more clearly.
  • Module #3: Single leg finishes: Learning how to finish takedowns one foot will step up the campaign ended, your percentage will show you ten-fold. It will show you how to do everything, and you can see very quickly how it relates to the grappling of you because it will break it down for you.
  • Module #4: Deluxe double legs and high crotches: This module will take you step by step and teach you all the finishing touches and keep you from the everyday dangers of falling.
  • Module #5: Russian Tie system: In this module, Ken explains some basic concepts to help you build a solid undo game. He covers things like footwork, posture, and movement, so he does not leave holes available to the other party.
  • Module #6: Front headlock takedowns: The guillotine can be installed using the head position, which is the main issue of almost all grapplers. When you do this, sure you will understand the secret to getting the first head. It will also take a closer look at your opponent, his attorney.
  • Module #7: Defensive tactics: If you take five minutes to complete this process, you can understand exactly why you are the smartest person in your room and now, others can take the body of a takedown campaign and benefit from what they thought was not possible.
  • Module #8: Dynamic skill drills: Simple and highly efficient takedown for fighting training to install its “wrestler reflexes and quickness of conversion instantly.”
  • Module #9, #10, #11 & #12: Mindset and Takedowns in the gi: In this module, Ken discussed the importance of positive thinking about training and how to plan the technology correctly. Matt D ‘Aquino also shows a very effective take-down with a major external sweep and shoulder strap.
  • New Videos Added Monthly: BJJ has always been developing sites and growing. Every month Ken and Matt will upload new videos to help with the game. This video includes gi and no takedowns, rivalry, and a mindset.

Takedown University.

What Will You Learn From Takedown University?

  • Takedown University offers 20 hours of Instructional Videos well created by Ken Primola and Matt D’Aquino. Induction techniques, combinations, strangulation, arm bands, guard passes, and defenses are subdivided into details that show you how to perform each technique in the Judo Syllabus accurately.
  • Learn the cast and take down that works for you and your body’s shape.
  • Together, strings and casts can help you get the most out of your attack.
  • You can learn a quick and efficient counter attack that will prevent your opponent from actually attacking you!
  • Grip Fighting can easily control your opponent by understanding the game.
  • You can understand better what to do when fighting on foot.
  • You can learn how to improve your overall knowledge of stand-up games and implement attacks more efficiently.


  • Skype coaching call
  • Your questions answered


  • Takedown University user-friendly instruction to make you understand easily.
  • Learning the techniques is essential for handling the wrestler and jumping to the next level.
  • Learn how to defend against takedown will take several years to play after a while.
  • This training is a cream of crops when developing skills quickly.
  • It will use combination transitions and show you the best secret training you’ve learned at the NCAA Division I Champion in Iowa.
  • All settings, all takedowns, and all conversions are now answered to get a great feeling!


  • Without an internet connection, you are not able to access this program because it is available in online only.
  • If you avoid any steps or feel lazy to follow the given instructions, surely you may stick at some point.

Takedown University


Finally, with this Takedown University, you can learn more techniques, tactics and useful information to win the game as well as very practical to use this for the self-defensive purpose. Already more than thousands of people start to learn this movement on their own with the help of this instructional video. If you are confident in a stand-up game, you will be able to dominate more games, but also have an instant take-down to get next 2 points. So, don’t miss this opportunity, Grab it before the offer ends.

Takedown University

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